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What brought you here?


Alternative story telling is a skill that can express and convey a variety of emotions. Unlike the standard book, animations can visually articulate a story and give a variety of different expressions in simply just a few seconds. This is done through fundamentals such as having great characters and character development followed by an intriguing premise in which they are in. The ability to bring to life those characters through animation is what inspired me to study at SAE post schooling.

Films by Disney are a great example of well done animated films. They all have a perfect mix from a multitude of different medias such as audio for the original sound tracks, film for storytelling and animation for the visuals. Being able to create something that can both entertain and tell a story is something every creator wants to do, myself included.

One particular film that inspired me to start art was Lilo and Stitch. The way the round clear lines were done amazed me as the film had no clear sharp lines. Combined with the music that accompanied the movie it portrayed a great story. My style slowly changed to have a blend of both, as sharp lines can help contrast, but that doesn’t take away from the original inspiration.


Your Media Use and Identity

As an aspiring artist media is a key component to gaining exposure and showing your creations. Many websites showcase art, for example,  ArtStation and DeviantArt. These are great for looking at inspiration and showing off your own art. They can be used as a portfolio, and also as a way to find artists that will do commission work. While these are more formal and portfolio like pieces of media, more traditional sites like Facebook and Youtube are used as well.

Art Station

Facebook and YouTube are very popular forms of media, and there fore is a great way to show off your work in a more casual manner. Facebook allows you to interact with possible fans a lot easier, due to the fact that it is a site that is based around communication. While YouTube is focused on videos it can still be extremely useful for artists and animators. You can upload tutorials, making of, your animation, and other things related to your field. You can also earn some ad revenue off of these videos so it is great for earning a little bit of money and showing your artwork at the same time.

Youtube and Facebook

In terms of most valuable media/files it would definitely be psd’s, png’s and prj extensions. Photoshop documents are great help for when you need some overlays and effects, and is one of the most common pieces of software used by artists. Png images may seem simple, but they are a great help as they have more data in them than jpg’s. The final extension I listed was project files in 3ds max, which is the main form for which files are saved in 3D.

3DS Max


Future Predictions

Sense of identity has always been a big reason as to why fads get popular, as they help people identify and relate to something. While this wasn’t always the case, for example trends such as shoulder pads in the 80’s got huge as a fashion statement, but in today’s day and age it is a big base builder for trends. Hairstyles, piercings, and tattoos are great ways to express someones personality in a big and bold manner. This could be argued that it is already immensely popular, I believe within the next few years it will boom into a massive trend. One way of self expression without leaving anything permanent is hairstyles.


Hair is a great way to express yourself as you are able get a multitude of different designs and styles which could reflect your personality. I believe this could be a trend as wanting to be unique and special is kind of a trend in its own right. While in mainstream cases trends and fads refer to the majority, in 10 years I believe the majority of people will have an individual personality so it will be a very different spin on the usual fads. Hair is one way to stand out, however tattoos is a blooming trend that has a bit more of a permanent impact.


With tattoos rising in popularity younger audiences will be intrigued in getting something abstract and cool on their skin. Within 10 years the young adults and teenagers of today would have had the opportunity to get their own custom art inked into their body. This will just snowball the popularity/trend like nature of individuality, and at the same time also boost the popularity of mainstreams stuff like flash art, due to the nature of the art.


Curation Activity

Inspiration for my animation and art studies is a mix of speed arts and music. I curated a playlist which has a range of different videos that I have personally drawn inspiration from. Each of the videos roughly stem into one of three categories: music, speed art or animation. When I am in the creative thinking process I usually watch a mix of videos similar to these categories. I’ll briefly go into detail about how each type of video helps me out of a creative block, and use examples from the curated playlist to aid it.

Curated Inspiration Playlist

Number 1 in the playlist, White Roses by webang111, is a sped up digital painting of a girl with white roses in her hair. This artist constantly posts speed arts, and she usually does portrait paintings of female characters. The speed art helps as it shows you the whole process of a finished art piece, from sketching to basic colouring, followed by more detail and highlights and shadows. Obviously there is more to it than that however you don’t notice it too much as it is a speed art, and sped up roughly 20x faster than normal. Another reason why I love her speed arts is because she has good music (NoCopyrightSounds) playing over the art.

Number 8 in the playlist, Galantis – Runaway (U&I) [Premiere] uploaded by Proximity, is a song that helps me free up my creative thinking. When finding inspirations I do my best to listen to music that will match my art style at the time. So if I am drawing something of a more upsetting theme I will be listening to piano or something melodic. A lot of the time I am drawing abstract and wild art so music like Runaway by Galantis is perfect for this, as it make me feel somewhat free. Music/audio plays a big part in my creative process, and also plays a big part in animation.

Number 6 in the playlist is an animation done by a 19 year old chines kid and it depicts a fight between two colours, green and pink. Videos like this are inspiration as they are what I would like to be able to achieve when I am in my working career. The way he handled the backgrounds and effects of abilities was amazing for a 19 year old, let alone all round.

Review of Independent Media

Limbo Dark, puzzle plat former that was released in 2001 by indie developer Playdead. The game is based around a boy that is uncertain about his sisters fate and so decides to enter limbo in order to find her. Using a very artistic black on black style the game has amazing detail and uses silhouettes as a key aspect to the puzzles within. In this post i’ll go over the pros and cons I believe exist within the game.

As it is limbo is already well known for being one of the best indie platformers out there, so finding positives is really not that difficult. The most stand out iconic thing about this game is its aesthetics. The whole game is in shadows, in limbo essentially, yet it does it in such a gorgeous manner you wouldn’t even notice. The silhouettes still have such amazing detail and it really adds to the ambiance of the game. Sound also contributes to this atmosphere as it has an amazing soundtrack and effects. From the rain in certain scenes to a giant spider killing you, all of the actions within the game have their own unique sound to it. Animated movements and actions are simple yet perfect, from the well timed jumps you have to make as the character or moving objects in order to get somewhere in time. In terms of art this game is all pros and the cons are only really based on the design of the game.

While the game was really well done, like with everything there will always be some sort of con, and in this case, it was the puzzle design. There were often cases where you had to perfectly time the execution in order to pass the puzzle, and this usually resulted in a countless number of retrials. For most this can be a real pain in the ass, as you have figured out how to do it but just can’t execute what you need to in order to proceed. This was more prominent in the later part of the game however as you start off fairly easy. Another aspect of this story that might be a con to most is the fairly weak ending. A lot of people will find that it has a weak ending and will be fairly annoyed that they have spent the last few hours dying consistently for something pretty lackluster. For me however this was not a problem and I quite enjoyed the subtlety to it.

I left a small comment on the game itself which just summed up my feelings in one sentence:

“Awesome game with difficult puzzles and perfect visuals”


Header Image – The 8 Percent

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