CIU 211 Self Reflection

Final Product

This trimester, in CIU211, we were tasked with forming groups and creating a creative media project that expresses our opinions on one of the weekly topics. In CIU I often find myself disagreeing with a lot of the topics rather than agreeing with them, and this usually leads to me hating the topic. However this trimester (thanks to the lecturer) this disagreement I had usually lead into a good discussion, rather than leading into just hating the topics itself. This is where the concept for my creative media project came into play. The first topic we learnt about in CIU this trimester was post modernism.

My first understanding of post modernism was that it questioned everything. While this wasn’t technically wrong, I more or less imagined it as a very stereotypical creative person questioning everything someone does. This fairly crude thought was one of the driven factors for coming up with an idea. The first concept I had was to create something just full of random shit in order to parody post modernism, as I viewed a lot of it as just random and ridiculous. This idea is what built our team, as both my team member were interested in it and willing to work with me to make the project.


As I did more research on post modernism, I quickly realised how skewed my understanding was, and while I more or less had the core concept down pat, there was a lot more to it than I originally thought. This in turn meant the concept of the project changed, and multiple times at that. As I read through more articles, and arguments against post modernism and vice versa, I ended up getting even more lost as I didn’t completely agree with my original argument. I had a good look at it, and then came up with an argument which I agreed with, and would form the conceptual basis for our creative project. This idea was: While it is good to question and deconstruct a lot of things, not everything need to be questioned and sometimes an artist might just want to create without having a deeper meaning/message behind it. I was fairly passionate about this argument as sometimes I just like to doodle patterns, but that doesn’t mean I am trying to make a deep message/expressing myself, the reality is I am just drawing shapes.

Working on the creative project

Work on the production side of the project didn’t begin until after we had finished the project proposal. At first it seemed like it would be a fairly smooth process and there wouldn’t be many differences as we all had a fairly good understanding of the project. However when you are trying to create an organised random, peoples understanding of things can differ. The first example of this was when Anthony and I, the two animators, had a vaporwave/ambient kind of music style in our head, and built our visuals around that, however Brandon, the Audio guy for the project, had a different music idea for it. Early on in the project I linked some examples of music that I thought would be a good fit for the project. This is where our main communication error came into play, as in the end the audio provided ended up being more of a metal/rock song, instead of what I suggested (linked below).

While this might not have affected the success of our project too dramatically, as in the end it was all random, it did frustrate me a bit as it wasn’t what I had envisioned. From here on out our project ran fairly smoothly, and the final product was put together fairly seamlessly. With a combination of the visuals I created through the use of 3ds Max and Photoshop, Brandon’s audio recordings of the song, and Anthony combining it all and creating the visualiser in After effects, we had our final product done. All this left us with was sharing the final product, which left us with our final problem in the project.

Due to the audio being from a band Brandon recorded, this meant we couldn’t exactly share it if they didn’t want to. Brandon asked them, and they came back with that they didn’t want the audio being shared as they didn’t want it being tied to our project, which could in turn tie back to their band. This more or less meant that we couldn’t really share the final product, as it would be breaching what Brandon discussed with the band. This served as a challenge, as it meant sharing it publicly wasn’t a big option, so in the end we went with uploading it to Youtube and leaving that as our only media form.

Final Thoughts

Over all, nothing was too big of a deal, and we ended up with a final product in the end that didn’t disappoint either of us too much, so a win I guess? For what it was though I was relatively happy, and the discussion in class we had when presenting was fairly insightful and was more or less what I was looking for from the project.


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