Specialisation Project – Post Mortem

For my specialisation project this trimester I decided to create a fast paced action sequence. I put together a research blog here and below is my final deliverable. I will discuss how the project went and explain what went well, what didn’t, etc.

What Went Well In The Project, and Why

There were only a few things that actually went well in this project. Sadly due to my negligence this project was put on a massive back burner, leaving me with just a few days to animate the entire thing. However one thing I felt I did well was strong key frames. I felt like I had some good poses in there and they also made sense. This project haas helped give me a stronger understanding of body mechanics, and I feel I did pretty well in portraying that.

One other thing that I think I did well with was how fluid it felt. Obviously this was more because it was a recreation, however I still feel that I was able to translate it well, especially considering I was recreating it in a different medium (recreated a 2D fight scene in 3D).

What Didn’t Go Well, and Why

In the end I wasn’t able to finish even half the pipeline. I had originally planned to do around 30 seconds of animation, and have it all polished as well. The fact that I stopped doing uni work for half the trimester meant that I had no time left when it came to my specialisation. In a frantic sprint I managed to animate all of 3 seconds, and it wasn’t even past the blocking out stage. This was honestly really disappointing and a massive let down on my part, as it could have been so much better.

Another small thing that caused me problems was the rig. I don’t know much about maya and had trouble importing the rig. One of the issues was that the faces were flipping, however I didn’t know this until I got help. Considering I had 3 days to do this, I wasted about a day on this, which was a lot of time.

What You Would Do Differently Next Time

Next time I would definitely give myself more time. Time was the defining factor in not only my specialisation but with all my Studio 2 work. All my issues in specialisation can be tied back to the fact that I was rushing to finish just so I could pass, which meant the production quality was awful.

I would also make sure to follow the pipeline more strictly. This time around I kind of just went at it because I was in a panic to get it all done. I threw the pipeline out the window, which probably made my efficiency even worse. If I had stuck to posing properly, then blocking, I might have been able to get more done. Instead I blended the two together which meant it was a bit dodgy.

What You Learned During The Project

I didn’t think I would learn a lot, however I surprised myself. In the research blog post I actually learnt quite a bit more on the pipeline. Learning more about the pipeline helped me get a better understanding for the whole process, especially going from posing to blocking. I used to be under the illusion that these phases were more or less the same, however I have learnt that there is a pretty big difference between the key poses, and then blocking out further key frames.

Future Goals For Skill Development

Practice, practice and more practice is my goal at the moment. I really need to hone in and just produce some content i’m actually proud of. At the same time, I need to make sure I am actually enjoying it. I’m gonna be making some drastic changes as things aren’t really working out as they are now. Hopefully in a year I can see a difference in the quality of work I create, hopefully i’m having fun. Gotta wait and see.


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